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Filial petition for scandalous beatification of Bishop Enrique Angelelli

About beatification of Bishop Enrique Angelelli

Buenos Aires, 9th of November 2018

San Juan de Letrán

Mr. Apostolic Nuncio in Argentina

BE. Mons. León Kalenga Badikebele

S / D:

Of our most consideration:

As children of the Church, we, the undersigned, address ourselves to you in order to express our deepest concern and perplexity at the closing of the process of  the beatification of the Bishop Enrique Angellelli, in which founded serious objections presented opportunely throughout the case by a large group of legal professionals, faithful and even bishops have been scandalously and flagrantly rejected.

Indeed, judicial and ecclesiastical rulings have been ignored in which there is insufficient evidence to speak of a provoked murder, there is strong evidence, and even personal testimony to the contrary, being instead seconded the Fallacious version of his martyrdom generated by the capuchin friar Puigjané, who years later would participate in a terrorist attack on a military unit, for which he was sentenced to prison.

The testimony of at least three bishops of our country has also been ignored -Mons. Bernardo Witte (Angellelli’s successor), Msgr. Carmelo Juan Giaquinta, Msgr H. Aguer and Msgr. Antonio Baseotto-, proceeding in a completely irregular and inexplicable manner, which is unprecedented.

From these testimonies, as well as from others even from people outside the Church, there has been a record unequivocally contrary to the Gospel in Bishop Enrique Angelleli, sowing divisions among the faithful, encouraging discord among the clergy and even favoring explicitly the armed subversion of the Marxist guerrilla in Argentina, in its actions within the Movement of the Priests for the Third World and in the Montoneros Group.

From these proven questions, which, on the other hand have already been widely broadcasted by the national and international press, and which we attach to this letter,  so that it becomes fully aware of the seriousness of the issue, we conclude:

a) That the death of Bishop Enrique Angellelli can not be called martyrdom, because it was not intentional, much less because of hatred of the faith.

b)That his extensive and proven militancy in Marxist terrorism, absolutely incompatible with Catholic doctrine, completely incapacitates him to be placed as a model of virtues for the faithful of the Church, and elevated to the honor of the altars.

We consider then that if these principles are not taken into account, a scandal will inevitably follow for many faithful, in serious detriment of the respect of the canonical processes of the Church, as well as the discredit of the Congregation for the Cause of Saints, which apparently would be operating under strong human pressures turning it´s back on justice and the obligated testimony of the truth.

The recent message of the Argentine Episcopal Conference – “Easter Riojana, joy of the Church” – under this perspective, not only does not contribute to the so-called reconciliation of Argentines, but has been received by many souls as an authentic betrayal and disregard of their faith.

Therefore, the undersigned implore through you, respectfully but vehemently, to each of those responsible, the suspension of the beatification of the former bishop of La Rioja scheduled for April, for which we confidently interpose the special appeal of our supplication to Our Lady of the Rosary, who as our helping mother,  warned us in Fatima about the errors of communism and its expansion as a consequence of our lack of conversion.


Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima, you who have defeated communism in the Soviet Union, do not allow it´s errors scattered throughout the world to continue to wreak havoc in the Church whom Christ called to be Light of the world.

Mother of God, today we turn to you desperately because in the prevailing confusion there is intention to pass for a martyr, friend of the poor and example of pastor,  Msgr. Angelelli, whom a providential accident stopped him from continuing to harm your faithful with Marxist ideologies that lead to the struggle of classes, intestinal hatreds and loss of faith.

Mother of God, you teach us that sin is the true evil and eternal hell its terrible consequence, we turn to you to achieve Grace in the good fight of faith against apostasy, immorality, abortion and gender ideology.

Mother of God, protect us against materialism and liberalism. Mother of God, make Christian families schools of true Catholic doctrine, preserve them from the fascination of the world and the media. Mother of God, who have revealed that it is through lust that most souls go to hell, take care of our priests so that they become other Christs, males, celibates and saints to be worthy ministers of the Holy Sacrifice of the Altar.

Mother of God and Our Mother, do not abandon us in this unfortunate hour when the death rattles of the world increase and the angel trumpets are heard, look at us with merciful eyes and increase our Faith, Hope and Charity since Christ predicted that faith would be hard to find, Charity would cool down and to his Vicar himself the demons would shake like the wind to the wheat.